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  • electric underfloor heating systems | warmup uk

    Electric Underfloor Heating Systems | Warmup UK

    The Warmup StickyMat heating mat is a super thin electric underfloor heating system that does not raise floor levels, taking the form of pre-spaced cables attached to a sticky mesh backing. Warmup’s Foil Heater is designed for installation under wood and laminate flooring or under soft and resilient floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl, and other floating floor finishes. The Foil Heater system is especially …

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  • water underfloor heating systems | warmup uk

    Water Underfloor Heating Systems | Warmup UK

    Water underfloor heating is a highly cost-efficient heating system to run as it uses much less energy than a central heating system. Wet underfloor heating emits enough energy to bring your room to your comfort temperature at flow temperatures of 30-40 degrees. This is significantly less than the temperatures required by conventional radiators to bring your room to comfort temperature (60-70 degrees). This is …

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  • floor heating systems | underfloor heating | warmup usa

    Floor Heating Systems | Underfloor Heating | Warmup USA

    You can find a system that is a perfect match for your project from the Warmup underfloor heating product range. Warmup’s systems are a result of over 25 years of experience and rigorous research and development. As a result, you can rest assured the best possible floor heating system in the market, with a Lifetime warranty. Electric. Electric underfloor heating provides warmth throughout the whole room, …

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  • how does underfloor heating work? | warmup | blog

    How Does Underfloor Heating Work? | Warmup | Blog

    07-02-2018 · how does underfloor heating work Unlike radiators which heat the air in their immediate vicinity, underfloor heating produces radiant heat that makes you feel warm. Radiators heat the cold air near the radiators which rises upwards to the ceiling heating the air.

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  • underfloor heating - warmnz

    Underfloor Heating - WarmNZ

    In an under floor system the flow and return from the boiler connect to a manifold which all the pipes run from to each room / area. The flow of water through the pipes is generally controlled by room thermostats that are preset to desirable temperatures. The temperature of the water used for under floor heating is 40°C which produces a maximum floor slab temperature of 29°C. The room temperature is …

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  • underfloor heating | floor heating systems | warmup ireland

    Underfloor Heating | Floor Heating Systems | Warmup Ireland

    Warmup is the World’s best-selling underfloor heating brand. Over 2 million electric systems sold worldwide – Guaranteed for Life. 1 800 937 429 ie@warmup. My.Warmup login; Blog; Store Locator ; Product Support. Product Literature; Contact Form; Warranty Registration; Get a Quote; UNDERFLOOR HEATING. Heating mats. StickyMat; PVC heating mat; Foil heating system; View all heating mats; …

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  • how wet underfloor heating systems work - plumbing …


    Click to view on Bing10:09

    22-05-2014 · Basically, you've got the same as a zone in the heating system. So, lets say we've got our pump with a -port valve going up to our coil on our hot water tank, with a return going back to the

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  • prowarm™ warm water underfloor heating kit installation - youtube

    ProWarm™ Warm water underfloor heating kit installation - YouTube

    Click to view on Bing12:15

    23-01-2014 · How to install ProWarm floating floor panels and warm water underfloor heating - In this video we explain how to install the ProWarm solid floor panels and warm water heating system.

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  • underfloor heating cost (2020 guide) | greenmatch

    Underfloor Heating Cost (2020 Guide) | GreenMatch

    Warm Water Heating System. The pipes for underfloor heating can be connected to either a boiler or a heat pump. A key characteristic of this system is that it works with lower temperature water. Considering their efficiency, heat pumps are regarded as a good match for underfloor heating. However, in the case of much higher heating demand, a

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  • cost-effective underfloor heating solution | warmup new zealand

    Cost-Effective Underfloor Heating Solution | Warmup New Zealand

    If you are looking for an underfloor heating solution that provides both quality and cost-efficiency, then welcome to Warmup. The days of underfloor heating being considered the most expensive option is a thing of the past. Improvements in technology and changes within the environment have not only made this more effective and efficient but have significantly decreased the running costs over time.

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